Monday, August 11, 2014

August updates

The summer is flying by.

I just got a call from my new principal saying when I could go see my new classroom and to sign up for the before school training sessions. So excited to be beginning a new school year.

For me this will be a total change, as the school I am going to is in a community that is a very different demographic then the ones that I have taught in before. I live along the I-5 and near a military base, so am used to working with a population that has a high mobility rate. 

The school I will be working in is in a community that is 30 minutes from I-5. It is in an old logging town, but is more like a suburb or bedroom community now. 

It will definitely be a new adventure. I'll post pictures of my new classroom soon.

I've been working hard to get done with the current project I am working on for Teachers Pay Teachers, which is word work for Trophies Grade 2. I am also working on several fall products that I hope do well. I created a few holiday products last year, but no seasonal ones.

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