Saturday, September 6, 2014

High/Low 9/6

Time for a high/low for the week. Thank you A First For Everything for hosting.

I had a nice talk with the kids I work with about what art is. To have some unique art in my classroom I printed out screenshots I had taken from World of Warcraft of pretty scenes in it. 

I like World of Warcraft a lot, mainly because it is such a bright, pretty game. The kids asked me about the games that I play, and I told them what game I like, and pointed out the screenshots on the wall.

It made me a little more relatable to the preteen boys I work with in my EBD classroom and got us talking about art in video games.

When given free time in advisory one of my students created with with domino pieces. He said that it reminded him of pixle art. I gave him a pride ticket for working diligently on it. Dilegence is one of the core values of the school that I am teaching at.

I went to a local elementary school and advertised for Girl Scouts at their open house. I got a lot of people who were interested. I'm always happy to let the community know that Girl Scouts is available and that troops are in the area.

I remember a few years ago someone I worked with asked if there were even scouts anymore. 

I got involved in Girl Scouts again because of my neice. I'm glad that I have found it though. I love to volunteer and working with the little kids is a nice break from being at the Jr. High.

I had my first fight in my classroom on Friday. Both of the boys got suspended. I really like both of the boys and hate to see them not able to participate in school.

I learned a few things from the experience though to get me through the rest of the year.

1. If a kid comes in looking tired and dirty (as one of the boys did) make sure that I stay in close proximity to them in advisory.

2. Do not have games or free time in advisory on Friday. The kids are too emotional about the weekend. I'm going to give them free time for being good in a Wednesday instead.

3. No matter how minor the fight is (and it was a minor fight) the kids see it as a major event in the day. To them it was a huge FIGHT, even though to me as an adult I saw it as one poking the other and then the other one punching him in the arm, then them shoving once before I broke them up. Be sympathic to their feels about it, not matter how minor it actually was.

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