Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Divergent discussion questions for the classroom

Lately the kids in my room have been reading The Divergent series.

The series has been great for them. It has led to a lot of different conversations about what they want for the future and what the problems with going to extemes of your personality are. I have kids with emotional/behavior disorders and kids on the autism spectrum, so it has been eye opening to them.

Some things that we have talked about.


Why is it important to have people in the world who do things for others?

What is the problem with only doing things for others?

Why is this not the ideal person to be? 

Should the President be Abnegation?


What is the different between being brave and being a bully?


It's good to be smart, but why shouldn't you think of youself as better then others for being smart?

Is being smart the key to being successful?


What is the problem with just farming and smoking pot?

Why wouldn't you want to live that kind of life?


Why should you try to not see things as black and white?

Why don't we just go around saying whatever we think (being honest)?

What are the problems with being too honest?

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